Improves Power supply by Windmills

There have been a News of prices being dropped at the end of May session at the ‘India Power Exchange’ regarding electricity units from an average of ‘Rupees 6.20’ per unit to ‘Rupees 2.92’ in them. Regarding this, a drastic change in the prices was seen in the market. To be more precise it fell from 8 to 2.13 per unit. This is the lowest we have experienced to date. And it even rose to 3.60 for just a day. Improving Power Supply For Saving Energy In Power.

Improving Power Supply

This is a sort of relief to the distribution companies who were purchasing it from India Power Exchange at sky-high rates. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, West Bengal and Bihar are at rest and less of loss due to this as they were scoring expensive Power from the Exchange.
A senior Executive of Energy Exchange imputed various factors responsible for the decline which even included a 120 million unit week on week rise in power generation from windmills at 379 million units by June 29th.

Improving Power Supply

Rajesh K Mediratta (director of business development at Indian Energy Exchange Limited) said that there is a neck to neck competition in the market between the hydel power plant generates electricity and wind power plants. And due to heavy rains in many cities, the demand for power has reduced to 5000mw. Even the hydel didn’t increase at the pace expected. The rainfalls have made the airspace cool with less use of electricity
Much awaited monsoons are back in action after a long intermission. Entire India is experiencing rainfalls even Goa, Konkan and Punjab. The Southern area and the Western coast of India witnessed sudden and dense rainfall. It started unexpectedly 14-15 days earlier and covered the entire country.
The use of air conditioners lessens when it rains. In fact, the use of electricity reduces when it rains as the atmosphere becomes cool and breezy. People prefer having natural and fresh air rather than the artificial one. The demand for electricity is shortened when it rains. The expenditure by farmers who use machines and pumps to draw groundwater for their plantation is also Reduced as their work is getting watered naturally from the Rains.

Improving Power SupplyAccording to ‘National Load Despatch Centre’s’ data there is a serious decline in the use of electricity at the peak period falling to 1000mw towards the beginning of June and by the end of the month, it down to 700mw.
As Windmills convert wind energy to rational energy so nowadays they are being used to generate electricity and If such a trend is sustained then windmill will be benefitted good and higher and improved generation from the windmill will be experienced which will be a benefit to the consumers and for the markets as well.

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