Equity fund assets hiked by 5.4 per cent and 0.8 per cent in the fraction of assets

Equity fund assets under management (AUM) as a percentage of India’s market capitalisation (m-cap) hit high all the time. It hiked by 5.4 percent and 0.8 per cent in the fraction of assets of equity funds in last one year and the fraction of assets of equity funds include equity-linked savings schemes or ELSS and arbitrage funds to the total market capitalisation and in May hike in equity fund was 0.2 percent that is very healthy for country capitalisation and the ratio has been ruling consistently above the 5 per cent mark since November last year. after 6.7 % hike in equity mutual fund in April, the AUM of equity mutual funds fell 0.3 per cent month-on-month to Rs 7.98 lakh crore in May. so the end of the May the market capitalisation of companies listed in the country stood at Rs 149 lakh crore.

Equity fund assets

With retail investors involving in the stock market reform in great enthusiasm and energy and in the first time equity mutual fund, AUM as a percentage of India’s stock market capitalisation touched 5 per in September last year. The equity mutual fund Assets under management to-market capitalisation ratio was floating at approximately the 4 per cent mark for about 18 months starting September 2015. If one wants to invest in Equity Fund, here are some basic points about Equity Fund that he/she must be knowing.

An equity fund is a mutual fund that invests substantially in stocks. It can be managed actively or passively (index fund). Equity funds are in the form of stock funds.

according to company size, the investment style of the holdings in the portfolio and geography, Stock mutual funds can also be classified


Equity fund assets

Market capitalization demines the size of an equity fund, besides this the investment style reflected in the fund’s stock holdings is also used to categorize equity mutual funds, it is also categorized as domestically and internationally. on the other hand broad market, regional or single-country funds are also in the category of Equity Fund and in the business sector like health care, commodities and real estate are also targeted by equity funds.

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